Digital Transition and business productivity

Companies that engage in their digital transformation have their growth potential doubled, according to an Accenture study.

Being present and communicating on the internet have become key objectives for any business, but there is more! Information and professional work sharing is also essential for communication and productivity. By developing its own open source software, Protheine helps fuel the thoughts and actions so that companies modernise and digitise cost-effectively while securing their data.

  • Improve your business productivity by rethinking ways of working around collaborative online solutions tailored to your business: collaborative software, monitoring projects online, messaging, corporate social networking…
  • Simplify your internal processes: electronic invoicing, customer relationship management, electronic data interchange, electronic document management…
  • Desktop virtualisation: a mobile environment that is always available so you can access your workstation, your applications and your data from any device and on any network.
  • Organise the communication of a franchise network with an extranet.
  • Surprise your customers by giving them access to a dedicated project tracking tool.
  • Start a new growth area with custom tools.
  • Use new technologies in your business strategy (Augmented and Virtual Reality, situational, mobile applications, etc.)
  • Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure for your project.