Conduct innovative and sustainable projects

Drive your Enterprise Digital Transformation with Open Source solutions.

Prothéine is a company providing open-source solutions for unified Communication and Collaboration to help every organization or workgroup be successful in terms of digital transformation. Our mission is to provide a free and flexible platform for anyone who needs to improve productivity, sharing, and collaboration without compromising data protection, confidentiality and freedom.

New competitors, changing business environments and the proliferation of communication channels… Companies are entering a complex period of change and constant innovation.

Nowadays a company needs to be flexible and adaptable in order to evolve and to respond optimally to the needs and behaviours of its customers and employees. It has to evolve while maintaining control over its internal and external communication channels.

In this context, by deploying creative innovations of lasting value, we support our collaborators in their dynamic expansion and encourage the implementation of their communication and digital transformation projects.

Concrete and targeted solutions

Our team of experts advises and carries out your projects from Start to Finish

Our mission is to help SOHO / SME / SMI to use communication and digital tools to accelerate their development in a concrete and tangible way.

We give life to your ideas and concepts by guiding you through the trends and technologies you need adopt. To meet the challenges in their entirety and limit the number of middlemen, we surround ourselves with a flexible ecosystem of experts who adapt to each project and who can think strategically when it comes to your business’ issues.